Ashley Laster

Ashley has been working on her nutrition with LunchBox for over a year. She has a work schedule that makes her travel quite a bit every week. LunchBox has helped her learn nutrition habits that make her successful while balancing a hectic work schedule.

Age 29
Height: 5’4
Current Weight: 137 lbs

Workout of choice:
CrossFit (usually 4 times weekly)

What was your main goal for starting with LunchBox?
When I started LunchBox I was in a bad place with my self esteem and my weight. After starting a new job that required tons of travel in 2015, I gained roughly 30 pounds pretty quickly, and I was out of control with my eating habits. I was by far the heaviest I had ever been, and I was the most unhealthy I had ever been physically and mentally. By January of 2016 I was just so determined to change those habits and not let myself spiral any further. So of course the first thing I did was find the most restrictive, crazy diet out there, and I did it for 30 days, only to find myself on an Olive Garden binge literally the day it was over. I knew I needed something different, so I reached out to Coach Z.  My first goal was just to lose the weight that I had gained and feel good in my own skin. LunchBox helped me achieve that pretty quickly, actually, and then I found myself wanting to do more.

Were you able to accomplish your goal?
Yes, along with some others along the way. I have never been athletic, I never participated in sports and I never thought my body could look "fit" – I just wasn't that person. LunchBox has shown me that I totally can be!

Are you satisfied with your results?

What is your proudest accomplishment with LunchBox?
Honestly LunchBox has helped my self-acceptance and body image so much. For so long I couldn't understand why a 30-day diet wouldn't get me the results I wanted, thinking that something was wrong with me or that I wasn't strong enough to stick with a program for more than a few weeks. My proudest accomplishment is just trusting this process, sticking with it and feeling really good about myself through the process.

What was the biggest game changer for you?
Being able to eat pasta without guilt! It’s my favorite food, anything Italian. Every diet I've ever tried, pasta was pretty much a no-go.

What is the most important thing that you’ve learned about your nutrition?
You have to be patient. I've always wanted that instant gratification, and mentally preparing to take the time to trust the process was the best thing I could have done. I have ups and downs, and I still sometimes get impatient, but I've learned just to keep moving forward no matter what.

What do you love most about the LunchBox program?
So many things! Mostly that it is realistic, it is sustainable and it leaves room for the foods that you love. Also the occasional glimpse of abs that I never thought were possible.

Have you recommended LunchBox to your friends or family?
Yes, all of the time.