2 Reasons Why You’re Having Cravings and How To Stop Them

If you’re trying to lose body fat chances are you’re on some type of “diet” or a “clean” eating plan. When you’re eating Paleo or “clean” your plate probably looks like a hunk of meat along with some organic leafy greens, and maybe even some $20/lb macadamia nuts.

Reason 1: Your Diet is Too Restrictive

You think that this way of eating is going to get you the body you want, it’s also going to cure cancer and all the ailments of the world. You defend this type of eating to everyone around you, “That’s how our ancestors used to eat!” Secretly, you dream of a day when you can binge on ice cream, cookies, and donuts. Does not matter how iron your will is, that day is going to come! And when it does you’ll feel so good eating all that “bad food” then you’ll feel so guilty. The cycle will repeat and repeat. In the end, you might lose a few lbs. but you’ll gain them all back. On top of that you are on your way to developing an eating disorder. Congratulations.

I’m here to tell you that unless you have a gluten allergy or some other sensitivity that you can have ice cream and donuts whenever you want and actually GET results you want. Number one way to get rid of cravings is to get on a plan that allows you to have the things that you want. That does not mean you can suddenly pound pints and pints of Ben & Jerry’s but if you can eat a serving of it everyday then you will not want to eat 5 pints of it all the time.

Reason 2: You Are Eating Too Much Junk

Now we swing the pendulum around to the other extreme. Those who fill their diet with junk food in order to #IIFYM. If it fits my macros then I can eat all the cookies and cakes that I want, right?! Wrong!

Flexible Dieting is absolutely great for long term weight management while enjoying what life has to offer. Unless, your diet is filled with processed foods that actually hamstring your progress. I suggest my clients eat 80% of their calories in nutritious foods and save some room for something they love (sweets, chips, etc). And I work with them on helping them find that balance of good food vs. things they crave. If your version of Flexible Dieting involves trying to fit a 1,000 calorie cheeseburger from Wendy’s (there is one, I checked) everyday then chances are you’re going to keep having those cravings.

Cut out the junk food. Base your diet around whole foods and have some junk on the side. Another tip is to place your “treats” towards the evening because that’s usually when most people have cravings.

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