5 Tips for Longterm Diet Success

Tip 1: Eat A-Must-Have-Snack Everyday

If there is something that you absolutely love to eat, like chocolate, ice cream, or cookies, you need to include it in your diet. Everyday. Yes, you heard me right, everyday. The number one reason why people cannot stick with their diet long-term is this: their diet is too damn restrictive.

If you love chocolate, and include some chocolate every night. It will keep your cravings at bay and will give you something to look forward to. A little treat every night!

I suggest and even require some of my clients to have snacks like this in their intake. It will not slow down your progress or ruin your gains, as long as you do it correctly. I promise.

Tip 2: Eat Enough Food

If you think that eating 500 calories a day will help you lose weight then I’m here to tell you it won’t. If you put your body into a large caloric deficit, you’ll lose some weight initially and then your body will start using muscle mass, which is NOT good. Carefully managing your intake and a proper macronutrient balance is what you need in order to lose fat and preserve muscle.

Tip 3: Exercise

Exercise is awesome. It fights depression, clears your mind, keeps your heart healthy…etc. But exercise does not have to be all or nothing. You do not have to spend 2 hours at the gym everyday. Keep it enjoyable. Go for a walk, play outside, try new sports, play some pick-up soccer.

Tip 4: Eat Fibrous Vegetables

This one is simple. Try to add extra veggies to your diet. The fiber will keep you fuller and more satiated throughout the day. Sometimes vegetables can get boring, that’s mostly because you’re either eating the same vegetable or you need to get your spice game better. Commit to trying one new vegetable a week, that way you can keep things in rotation. Go shopping and try some new spice mixes! My new favorite is Garlic Sriracha.

Tip 5: Eat Enough Protein

Here most people fall into two groups: one group that eats too much protein and another group that eats not even close to what they should eat. Protein does not have to be boring. There are many different protein sources that are delicious: chicken, turkey, pork, shrimp, fish, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Even some vegetables have protein! Eat up!

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