Overcoming Objections from Friends and Family

Starting a new journey whether it’s weight (fat) loss or weight (muscle) gain is difficult. Whenever we, humans, face new challenges it’s in our nature to stick with the new behavior at first. However, as soon as we face our first challenge we tend to regress back to what is comfortable or was “normal” before.

It is paramount to your success to constantly reinforce new behaviors in order to make them your “new normal.” What makes this process difficult is the misinformation that floats around us. We are constantly bombarded with wrong messages by media, friends, and family. There are tens of thousands of books and articles that discuss exercises, nutrition and supplements. Often times (so called) experts claim to make new “discoveries” in order to cause controversy and get noticed. The truth is that most of the big media information on fitness is WRONG. Chances are you are going to face many objections from your family and friends regarding your new “diet.”

They will try to make you feel bad about weighing your food, or will try to sabotage your efforts by saying things like, “One more slice of cake won’t kill you.” You have to understand that most of those people do not understand nutrition or your goals. Your goals are precisely yours and you need to make sure that you do what is necessary for you that is going to make you happy in the long run. The long run might not be the same thing as in next 10 seconds (like that donut that makes your taste buds happy for precisely that amount of time).

You have to understand that your goals are much MUCH bigger than that slice of cake or another person’s opinion about what you should or shouldn’t eat. You must have an iron will in order to overcome the objections of others. Be polite. Explain to them that you’re eating for body composition and performance goals. Explain to them the basic tenets of flexible dieting (if they ask): “I eat a prescribed ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins in order to achieve certain body composition goals that I have. I fuel my body with right amount of fuel by eating nutritious foods and leaving some room for tasty treats.”

At first, it can be difficult to face social situations while flexible dieting but as you progress in your journey, it will become much easier.

As always, your coaches for you in order to answer questions or offer guidance you need in any situation when it comes to your nutrition.

Clay EvanComment