99% Is Hard, 100% Is Easy

Commitment is an interesting topic. It’s the most important thing that’s required of a person in order to reach success. Yet so few are willing to go 100%. The truth is when you are 100% committed it becomes easy. It’s easy because you’ve completely sold yourself on what you want to do. Then it just becomes a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and getting things done.

A person that’s fully committed doesn’t have any excuses; failure is not in their vocabulary. A failure is simply them finding a way that doesn’t work. They learn from their mistakes and they always keep going no matter what. They do things regardless of how they feel. They follow through with their plan regardless of  how many millions of other things they need to get done.

If you’re only 99% in, then every time a decision has to be made you spend time questioning whether or not you should do it. This takes your focus away from getting closer to your goals.  It shifts the focus towards you teeter-tottering back and forth between whether you should quit or keep going. This is a lack of commitment and it only makes your life harder every time.

Most people expect to see success before they are willing to commit. They need to see results first to see if it’s worth their time. That’s a perfectly logical way of thinking but that’s not how success works. One rule of success is that you must commit before you reach success. So most people get it backwards and I’m talking about my old self here too. I got this wrong for many, many years but now I know for certain that if we expect success before commitment then we will have neither.

If you find yourself unable to commit to something whether it is an exercise program, or a nutrition plan, or anything else – it may just be a lack of clarity. I would write out these 3 questions on paper and answer them.

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What do I expect to get from it?
  3. How will this improve my life?
Clay EvanComment