How Your “Quick Fat Loss Solution” Is Hurting Your Goals

I have had enough. I can only take so much of bad information being spread around and sold.
So here is my honest take on the popular “21 day fix” or “Lose 10 lbs in 30 days” type of diets. I can come up with about 10 reasons why those diets are terrible for you. Today, I’m just going to start with one.

REASON ONE: Why all of those “fixes” and “solutions” are in fact REALLY bad for your long term body composition goals.

You can only cut down your intake so much before your body will just REFUSE to lose fat. I have many clients who have tried all kinds of yo-yo diets with varying degrees of success but all of them have regained what they lost PLUS more weight (fat).

I’m going to spare you all the nerdy stuff (science) and go straight to examples. Let’s say we have two identical twins. For the purpose of this example we’ll say that these twins do the same workout regimen, they weigh the same, their body fat percentage is the same. Hell, let’s put it on a table for you to make it even more clear. I like tables.

Twin A – 130lbs, 25% bodyfat
Yoga – 2 days/week
Weights – 1 day/ week
Sedentary Job
Never been on a diet of any kind

Twin B – 130lbs, 25% bodyfat
Yoga – 2 days/week
Weights – 1 day/ week
Sedentary Job
Yo-yo dieted for last 5 years


If both of these people wanted to lose fat CORRECTLY (aka no more yo-yo diets or “fixes”) then I absolutely guarantee you that Twin A would see results way way way quicker than Twin B. Why do you ask?! It should be obvious.

When you yo-yo diet – you cut down your intake too drastically. When you do that, your body will, initially, lose scale weight. And it will do it FAST. You are happy because the scale is going down. The person who is peddling the yo-yo diet is happy because you’re getting the results. They are also happy for another reason – soon enough you’ll give up on this super restricted diet because cravings are real. You’ll eat a donut or twelve. You’ll gain 5 lbs back. Hate yourself for being “weak minded” and go back on the said yo-yo diet. Only to repeat the cycle again. Sound familiar?

Sidenote: If you’re paying some some type of “supplement” along with that “program” you are on, then you’re getting robbed twice. You do not need any special supplement in order to lose fat.

In the long term that said diet will wreck havoc on your ability to lose fat because you’re starving your body and then overfeeding it when you go “off” your diet. So now you’re priming your body to become a fat storage machine! Oh, that wasn’t your goal?!

Is everything lost?! Is Twin B doomed?

Not really.

Yes, it will be harder to do things correctly and lose fat. However, it’s possible to un-fix the “21 day fix” with correctly feeding the body first. The next step would be to slowly reduce the total intake with correct macronutrient ratios. Eventually we can get the Twin B’s metabolism back to Twin A’s status. It will take time and effort.

It will not be “I lost 10 lbs in 30 days” kind of thing. However, it will be a learning experience and a long lasting fat loss through which Twin B will learn to properly fuel her body. At the end she’ll be able to keep her newly earned body and still enjoy that donut.

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