Kitchen Essentials: Spices & Seasonings

Now that you have a well stocked kitchen, it’s time to cook and nobody wants to eat bland things. At least, not me!

Spices are crucial to making food taste good without adding (hardly) any macros. Let’s take broccoli and chicken for instance. You can throw those in a pan and sauté with

  1. Salt & pepper for no frills, basic feel.
  2. Garlic salt and paprika for a bit of a smokey feel.
  3. Ginger, red pepper flakes and some soy sauce for more of an Asian fusion type of dish.

Anyway, let’s get to the spices! All the photos are links to one and only AMAZON!!!

1. Salt & Pepper

Good salt is a must, now I don’t now if it’s just marketing or it is actually true but regular table salt does not taste as good to me as this stuff.

 and this   

Salt is very important for our body’s processes so it makes sense to buy quality stuff. Not to mention a bag of salt will last you forever!

Pepper – freshly ground pepper is the best! Here is a link to a pepper grinder that has some awesome reviews. In full disclosure we have a different one. So if this one is not up to par, I’ve never personally used it.

2. Pizza seasoning

Hold up, how did we go from salt & pepper straight to pizza! I love pizza and I LOVE this pizza seasoning, so that’s how. I put this pizza seasoning on everything. Pizza, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, etc. It is the best!

I only wish they made it in bigger than 3 oz containers!

Other honorable mentions include:

3. Garlic

It is so good and so cheap! It will give any vegetable a nice dimension plus you don’t have to peel any garlic!

Lawry’s Garlic Salt is my go to brand!

If you prefer to add your own salt then go with garlic powder

4. Taco seasoning

Good taco seasoning can make or break some chicken/ground beef/ground turkey – etc. Make sure to get one that is not loaded with sure. This is a pretty solid one.

5. Montreal Steak Seasoning

While I enjoy keeping things simple by just having salt and pepper on my steak, I love me some steak seasoning. My favorite is Montreal.

6. Chipotle Seasoning

Love chipotle seasoning on everything that you want to taste “smokey.” It’s good on shrimp, chicken, ground beef, veggies and etc!

7. Mojito Lime

It’s got a nice little kick to it, but it’s not spicy. If you like lime you’ll like this!

I feel like I am missing some seasonings from this write-up. For now that’s all I can think of at this moment. These are the seasonings I use the most.

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