Macro Tetris: How To Eat Pizza For Breakfast While Losing Fat (And Still Have Ice Cream)

I’m going to pick some general macronutrient breakdown here. Some of you might have more macros, some of you might be working with less. If this whole posts confuses you then send me an email and I will address your problem one on one.

We’re going to be working with the following macros for today:
38 F / 140 C / 145 P

Note: This is inspired by an email I wrote to a client, breaking down her day to her. I do not advocate that you start everyday with pizza. I’m being realistic about life, stuff happens. That stuff does not have to derail your fat loss efforts. If you need help with your nutriton, you know how to reach me.


Let’s say I had a slice of pizza for breakfast. Looking up a quick cheese pizza macros it’s 8 F / 32 Carbs / 10 Protein. Then I say screw it, I’m having another slice since it’s a new day and my macros are unused. So, 2 slices end up being 16 Fat / 64 Carbs / 20 Protein. So after pizza, I’m now at lunch and I have

22 Fat / 76 Carbs / 125 Protein left.


That’s a lot of protein and I kind of already killed a lot of fat and carbs with breakfast. Plus, I know that tonight I’m going out to a Mexican restaurant and their chips are awesome and I’d like to have a serving (about 10 chips).

So, my lunch is going to be some veggies (broccoli, since I haven’t even gotten close to my fiber goal and some zucchini – it’s super low macros) and some lean meat. Let’s say I make a huge plate with 8 oz of zucchini, 5 oz of broccoli + chicken breast (5 oz). Literally just chop it all up and throw it in a pan with some spray oil + seasoning. Add a tomato on the side. The whole shebang ends up being around 2 F / 20 C / 36 P. Wahooo!


You can throw together a salad with some lean meat and veggies. Up to you really.

What’s left is:
20 F / 56 C / 89 P

DINNER: TEX-MEX Restaurant

Yay, Mexican food. Order some chicken fajitas, nix the tortillas. Eat the salady stuff that comes with fajiates, don’t eat rice, eat all of the chicken, green peppers onions and a serving of those delicious chips (and salsa). Have to do a little estimating here, and find a comparable entry in MFP for chips. 7 F / 18 C / 1P per serving. Chicken fajitas with salad side + onions and peppers probably around 6 F / 15 C / 50 P.

What’s left is:
7 F / 23 C / 38 P


Get home. It’s late and everyone is snacking on cookies and ice cream. Not too bad, I got some macros left. I decide to have 1/2 cup of ice cream. about 6 F / 17 C / 2 P.

What’s left is:
1 F / 6 C / 26 Protein


With those macros my options are:
-Smoothie with a scoop or protein and a small amount of frozen strawberries.


-Chicken/turkey breast with some cucumbers/tomatoes/carrots


-Egg white omelette cooked in spray oil w/ some spinach & tomatoes


-Casein fluff (measured it to hit those macros, obviously)

What’s left is:
0F / 0C / 0P – hopefully

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