One of the greatest things about joining LunchBox Fitness is the unlimited access you’ll have to our fantastic community, which ensures you NEVER feel alone on your journey.

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow CrossFitters who are also in the process of leaning out/bulking up/getting stronger/hitting new PRs/etc. Not sure what to cook for dinner, or looking for meal planning tips? Had a tough day and need a little love? No problem – our Facebook page is a gold mine when it comes to macro-friendly (and delicious) recipes, helpful advice, support and pick-me-ups. We also encourage one another, celebrate our successes, share our workouts and PRs, and so much more.

Plus, our coaches are always available to help you, providing assistance, nonjudgmental accountability and support every step of the way. They’ve all been where you are, and they know exactly how it feels to struggle – comforting, right?

You could totally embark on this journey alone, but why would you want to? Our well-established community is KEY to our members’ success, and it’s something we’re proud to facilitate and be part of.