Eric and Laura Beavers

This husband and wife duo has been working with LunchBox for over a year. They run Crossfit Undone in Dunlap, TN, hold full-time professions, are proud parents, and handle their nutrition all in a day's work.

Height: 5’6
Current Weight: 124 lbs

Height: 5’10
Current Weight: 180 lbs

Laura's workout of choice:
CrossFit and running

EB’s workout of choice:
Endurance training, weightlifting and CrossFit

What was your main goal for starting with LunchBox?
Laura: Properly fueling my body was the major goal. I had been struggling with low energy and decreased workout stamina. I also wanted to lose some fat and get stronger. My goal was to use LunchBox for 3 months, and after 3 months I could quit if I didn’t see results.

Eric: I needed structure, support and a plan. I have been trying to maintain good nutrition for several years prior to LunchBox. I wanted to build muscle and get stronger. I needed LunchBox's knowledge and support to help reach that goal.

Were you able to accomplish your goal?
Laura: Absolutely! I’ve now been with LunchBox for 1 year. When starting with LunchBox I immediately realized how much I was under-eating. Now that I’ve learned quality/quantity I should be eating, I feel so much better in my daily life and in my workouts. It’s been an adjustment, but I eat more than I ever have and I still enjoy the foods that I love the most. In the past year I’ve lost 10% body fat and added some muscle.

Eric: I am still working on it. But, yes some great progress and huge strides have been made toward my goal.

Are you satisfied with your results?
Laura: Extremely satisfied. It’s been a work in progress, but having the support of Coach Z has been irreplaceable. I still have goals that we are working towards, both performance and aesthetics, but I now believe in this process and trust it!

Eric: Absolutely! 100%

What is your proudest accomplishment with LunchBox?
Laura: Sticking with this nutrition plan though the busy and hectic times of life! In the past, when life got overwhelming I would turn to pizza because it was fast and convenient. Working full-time + running a gym + being a mom + kids’ sporting events can get tricky. Learning how to plan my food according to the day’s events or while on the road has been life-changing!

Eric: I started seeing some abs! But, also getting my body fat percentage tested several times since LunchBox and seeing the results on paper let me know that what we are doing is working. It let me know I am accomplishing my goals.

What is the most important thing that you’ve learned about your nutrition?
Laura: In order to take care of others, I must first take care of myself. Fueling my body properly is just one example of that. Also, it’s okay to enjoy those foods in life which are commonly thought of as ‘forbidden’. Planning to enjoy those treats makes them more special.

Eric: Not only was I not eating enough, I wasn't eating enough of the right foods. I ate pretty well before LunchBox. I ate whole, natural foods as I try to do now, but I wasn't eating enough. Once that piece was put in place, things really started changing.

What do you love most about the LunchBox program?
Laura: Without a doubt the support of my coach. I would never be this successful without the support and accountability she gives me! This program has not only helped me with my nutrition, but to also focus on mentally being stronger and better. The guidance from the LunchBox coaches and the information shared among fellow members is a valuable piece to the puzzle.

Eric: I love the support and accountability I get from LunchBox. Being motivated to work out on my own has never been a problem, but I’ve always struggled to stay on track with my nutrition. Knowing I have to check in weekly makes a huge difference for me. Getting a plan and support from LunchBox is the key for me to stay on track and reach my goals.

What was the biggest game changer for you?
Laura: Accountability and checking in each week. Knowing I had to share my numbers and pictures with my coach caused me to think twice when I wanted to pick up a pizza or chips and guacamole.

Eric: I think the biggest game changer is for me is the knowledge that the plan LunchBox has me doing is sustainable for the rest of my life. I have tried many things over my life to lose weight and to be healthy. Nothing I found was sustainable. Even after I started cleaning up my nutrition, I tried several nutrition plans or diets in an effort to support my workouts. I never found anything sustainable until LunchBox.

Have you recommended LunchBox to your friends or family?
Laura: Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from LunchBox. The coaches make the process easy to understand and are there to support each client through their transformations. Several people have approached me about what I was doing when they saw my body composition changes. I’m always quick to refer them to LunchBox!

Eric: I absolutely have, and the ones who have tried it have had the same great experience I have.