Ryen Rae

Ryen has been working on her nutrition with LunchBox for almost a year and counting. She is a full time nursing student and competitive weightlifter. LunchBox has given her the tools she needs to be successful with her nutrition while balancing an intense school schedule and getting strong in her off-time.

Age 23
Height: 5’3
Current Weight: 138 lbs

Workout of choice:
Olympic weightlifting (3-4 weekly training sessions focused on strength, speed and power)

What was your main goal for starting with LunchBox?
I joined LunchBox in order to lean out and drop weight classes while still maintaining strength. If I dropped weight classes, then I would be more competitive nationally [as a competitive Olympic weightlifter] if I could still maintain my same total.

Were you able to accomplish that goal?
Yes, I have seen very little decrease in strength if at all. I have actually become stronger in relation to the amount of weight lifted per pound of bodyweight!

Are you satisfied with your results?
Extremely! I felt like I tried everything under the sun before macro counting. In the past I have tried Paleo, Whole30, low carb, strictly eating only certain foods and other dieting services, but LunchBox and macro counting is the ONLY thing that has worked for me and given me incredible results. It’s like I hit the jackpot with what my body responds to best – plus, you can’t beat the flexibility of it all!

What is your proudest accomplishment with LunchBox?
My proudest accomplishment was the day I stepped on the scale and saw my new weight class displayed: 138.8 lbs or 63 kg! I know that for most, the number on the scale is one of the least-important things, but to a weightlifter, it means a lot. Also, 138.8 was a number that I hadn’t seen since my sophomore year of high school, so that was big for me!

What is the most important thing that you’ve learned about your nutrition?
I have become more educated about nutrition in general, but my relationship with food has changed. Before I said “no” to carbs such as rice, pasta, white potatoes, ice cream, cereal, etc. (basically anything not a fruit or vegetable) and really deprived myself from some of their great benefits because I thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong; I’ll say that loud and proud. I am an athlete so how I thought I could maintain performance and train at high levels without carbs I cannot explain to you. I view food differently now, don’t deprive myself and actually enjoy what I am eating, and it has made all the difference!

What do you love most about the LunchBox program?
The community! The support system is unreal. There is a members’ page on Facebook that is extremely helpful and includes recipes, great food finds at stores, what to eat when going to a restaurant, motivation/encouragement and just people saying “Hey, you go girl/guy, you look amazing and keep it up!” I also must mention my nutrition coach, Morgan Brock. She is a saint. I have not been perfect by any means through this process, but she is the biggest cheerleader for her clients and has the kindest soul. She treats me as if I am the only client she has. All of these factors have played significant roles in my success and I cannot thank everyone enough.

What was the biggest game changer for you?
The flexibility within the LunchBox program. My schedule is all over the place between trying to juggle nursing school; coaching CrossFit; training; and being a girlfriend, daughter and friend, so the flexibility of counting macros really works for me. With nursing school I have 6-hour clinical days and it’s very possible that I won’t sit down to eat a snack or even get the chance to go to the restroom because the patients need care, so a program that is structured for me to eat every 3-4 hours is really unrealistic.

Have you recommended LunchBox to your friends or family?
Yes! I have recommended it to several friends and family and many have joined me in being a part of LunchBox!

What would you like to share with someone interested in joining LunchBox?
Do it, and do it now! Invest in yourself! In a month or two you will look back and wish you had started two months ago. For me, my health is everything. Feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally is really important to me, so joining LunchBox and investing in myself was a no-brainer. I feel good, my mood is great, I sleep like a baby, I’m performing better than I ever have in the gym and I am just really, really happy about life! How you treat your mind and body now sets you up for your health long-term.